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Collaboration Helps In Better eLearning Courses

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Collaboration Helps In Better eLearning Courses

January 30th, 2020 | Vivek Bhide | Tags: , ,

In today’s connected world, it is a must that people have the ability to collaborate on various projects and assignments. As an educator and elearning professional, collaboration is essential in your day-to-day tasks.

Google Drive

Google Drive is Google’s online document program that allows users to quickly and easily share and collaborate on files. Prior to using Google Drive, you must sign up for a free Google account. Inside the Google Drive, various files can be created including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and forms. Once a file has been created, you simply “share it” with other Google account holders.


GoVisually is a web platform to help designers and organizations manage design feedback and revisions with simple visual collaboration tools. Manage clients, projects, designs, and revisions from all from one neat interface. GoVisually has a beginners plan for free; it couldn’t be any simpler to collaborate.


Conceptboard is a flexible online work space to help simplify your team collaboration. Easily review, discuss, centralize and track your projects all within this single tool. Concept board works for the whole team, whether you are the content creators, the coordinators, or the decision makers.


Podio makes it easy to work in real-time online with classmates to coordinate study groups, work on class projects, and organize research. Easily create surveys and web forms to collect hassle-free research and share all of your documents and files in one place. Podio is free and gives you unlimited storage to meet all your needs.


MindMeister is a powerful tool that is built and designed for collaboration. Not only do you have the ability to quickly develop your own ideas, you can also quickly share your maps to brainstorm and collaborate with others.


TitanPad is an online document-creation program that makes it easy to collaborate with other users in real time. No sign-up is necessary and you can track revisions and keep account of different users working on the same file. Get started on your first document with just a click of a button!


Cage is a collaboration tool that is specifically built for designers. Add feedback, keep track of revisions, get work approved faster, manage lots of projects without managers, manage a to-do list, share your projects seamlessly, and more.

Show Document

ShowDocument is an online program with tons of collaboration tools, all for free. Upload, share, discuss and annotate on a wide range of documents, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, text, image and video clip files. In addition, you can even voice and text chat, and share webpages, videos, maps, and an online whiteboard.


Flow is an app that allows you to manage tasks, have discussions, share files, and capture ideas with others. With hundreds of great features, including a full dashboard and customizable notifications, Flow is accessibly anywhere and anytime.


ThinkBinder is an online program that allows users to collaborate for free on a whiteboard, share files, update a calendar, and post updates among other users. ThinkBinder’s tools are designed around seamless communication and collaboration.

So now, you know the secret of making the best elearning content!

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