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eLearning Materials That Impacts The Employee’s Performance

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eLearning Materials That Impacts The Employee’s Performance

January 23rd, 2020 | Vivek Bhide | Tags: , ,

Whether you work for an organization or you manage a business on your own, we all have many goals and all the goals have some or the other risks. In this blog, we will take a look at managing the risk at workplace using elearning materials.

In the past few years in the workplace, we have seen that together with classroom-based training, computer-based learning has also been proven as a way to train the learners. One of the benefits of computer based learning is that it allows the learners to access the training material any time and anywhere. Moreover, learning is a continuous process which the employees continuously undergoes during their daily working activities.

How to use the elearning materials that are effective and impacts the employees performance?

Following are some tips that will tell you how the employees can get the most out of the elearning and how the elearning can be beneficial for the team members as well as managers?

Push and Pull Style eLearning:

Though you know what push and pull management is, the following two sentences will make the visions of both these management style easy:

Push Style: I am your boss, do whatever I tell you
Pull Style: We are a team and we will tackle our problems

There is a lot of debate revolving around these styles. Some people think that pull style is better for today’s organizations as it develops a sense of purpose with employees and some says that push style is better for getting the job quickly done. But we think that both the styles are good. You just need to know which style is needed for which situation.

Defining Expectations:

Creating relevant scenario is very important part of any elearning course in order to engage users. For an effective elearning course, you must clearly define what you want the users should learn and how will you know that they have attained those requirements. Set up the understanding level of those users and create a scenario around that.

Connect With The Audience:

Many elearning courses gives more emphasis on course information instead of the learners. But, while creating your elearning platform, it is important that you connect with your audience. You can ask when and how will they use your content that is presented in the modules and use it for scenarios. SME’s, customers and learners should think that the content is correct and realistic.

Using Performance Support Solutions:

Selecting the correct performance support tool can boost the success of elearning. Tools like WalkMe offers step-by-step guidance on-screen through which the employees can complete their important tasks. The perfect performance tool will determine the effectiveness of the system. The performance support tools also decreases the chances of interruptions and errors. It ensures that the employee is learning and getting knowledge.


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