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Elearning Trends In 2017

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Elearning Trends In 2017

November 25th, 2019 | Vivek Bhide | Tags: ,

At the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017, you must have come across some articles, blogs or posts on learning and development industry. Everyone of us know that the height of learning through electronic media is increasing day-by-day. Having particular skills for the job profile is not the only requirement that an employer has. These days employers look for employees who are willing to adopt new skills through a source that will give them the needed knowledge.

With every passing year, we see a new trend in the elearning field, and today we will be taking a look at some of the trends that already exist and will rise in 2017.

Micro Learning:

Micro learning will be the top elearning trend in 2017 and it is not surprising that it is gaining ground in the elearning sector. With micro learning, it has now become possible to learn in spare time. You can now complete one or several parts of training modules while you are waiting to check out.

You can assess micro learning modules using mobile and other devices as data in small pieces is extremely popular and convenient in the corporate sector. It helps the learners to improve their current knowledge while keeping an eye on the upcoming information.

Mobile Learning:

Smartphones are very essential in this era. More than 70% learners access the learning content through mobile devices. This is the reason, we have predicted that mobile learning will also rise in 2017. Frequent learners are shifting from one device to another as per their requirements and locations.

Let’s expect that all the learners gets their content genuinely responsive, as it has been slow in parts.


The use of video content is increasing day-by-day. Till 2019, video will drive 80% internet traffic around the world. It is also anticipated that the users will send more than one million minutes of video content per seconds in 2019.

This prediction opens door to combine social learning, video platforms and video learning in your courses.


Through gamification the learning can be transformed into a fun experience. This type of learning is intended for kids as well as adults as gamification makes the content more striking for the learners. Gamification is the powerful tool that helps the learner in increasing their innovation and problem solving skills.

The trend of Gamification will rise in the e-learning industry. According to the Docebo reports by 2021, the market of gamification will reach around $7.3 billion dollars. Organizations will invest more in gamification to enhance their employees productivity.

Augmented Reality:

Still, many of us are not familiar with the term augmented reality.

What is Augmented Reality?

In augmented reality, the digital information is integrated with the user’s environment in real time. In 1990, Boeing researcher Thomas Caudell coined the word Augmented reality. Augmented reality was first used in 1998. It was a yellow “first down” line that appeared on television in football games.

Augmented reality in 2017 will change the way people learn. Augmented reality puts its learners into real-life setting through simulated environments. In 2017, it is going to be one of the most wanted L & D strategy.


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