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Key Drivers Of eLearning Innovation In The Middle East

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Key Drivers Of eLearning Innovation In The Middle East

January 2nd, 2020 | Vivek Bhide | Tags: , ,

Middle East is largely misconceived with ideas of deserts, camels, flowing robes and souks with exotic smells and luxurious fabrics, but not of economic powerhouses with massive latent potential waiting to be utilized.

The governments in the Middle East are investing heavily in the widespread adoption of e-learning in the education sector by implementing specific policies to digitize schools. Digitizing has contributed to the rapid growth of the e-learning industry as a whole in the Middle East and opened up the possibility for further technological advancement in the region. It is estimated that the e-learning industry in the Middle East would be worth more than US$560 million, with an 8% annual growth rate which is higher than the global average annual growth of 7.6%.

Impact in society

Elearning provides a different sense of community engagement to the learner by opening up opportunities for interaction across borders and cultures seamlessly. These human stories need to get out more unlike the traditional learning ecosystem. The face-to-face learning where schools and colleges are the hubs of social life for learners, prepares them for life’s social challenges.

One key aspect is the growing social media invasion into rural communities. This gets transformed into learning by and for the masses. The advent of social media and allied technologies has the potential to be a game changer in fields such as architecture and agriculture, with many agricultural courses being developed and taken directly to them.

The industry need three things like a cross-country, large-scale research project similar to the World Health Organization study in health. There is also a growing demand of meeting of minds of e-learning developers and the industry that drives the demand and the persistence of this innovation rests on the government-sponsored research into the key drivers for change.

Government policies

The quick and widespread adoption of elearning in the region owes much to specific government policies aiming to promote elearning in schools and digitize the entire education sector.

The government of UAE is known to have invested in supplying 425 state-run public schools with elearning technology in a bid to ensure that nearly 300,000 students had access to e-learning methods.

The other growing economies of the Middle East have also taken great strides in developing the elearning sector in their respective countries. Kuwait had digitized all school textbooks and deployed elearning in all schools as part of its e-education plan. Turkey would provide more than 15 million students across 40,000 schools with tablets in the next four years as part of a US$1.4 billion education initiative while Qatar had provided each student with a personal learning device as part of a series of e-education initiatives.

A well structure of elearning programs in universities with the involvement of industry in the planning, development and delivery of courses, and a focus on high-quality products, would ensure their sustainability. Governments also have a big role in ensuring that the appropriate standards were upheld for e-learning.

During the growth of digitization, this part of the world will see the maximum benefits of elearning technology in the coming years and investing or being part of the revolution will help the vendors and the students will help to establish a win-win situation for both.

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