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Mistakes to Avoid While Creating a Video-based Content

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Mistakes to Avoid While Creating a Video-based Content

October 23rd, 2019 | Vivek Bhide | Tags:

These days videos have become a powerful medium of online training and the credit to the larger extent should be given to the use of tablets and cell phone without which every task remains incomplete. With the use of technology, online learning has increased a lot. Using videos to train individuals is one such invention. The choice to use videos in online education should be based on factors like time, budget, and the subject, whether the subject requires a video for learning or not. If you are thinking to include a video in your course module, you must avoid the following given mistakes while creating a video based content:

Finalize your budget:

This is a very important step as the budget will decide on how you will look like. The initial thing that you need to decide is the live action, action and walk through. Deadlines and deployment time should be finalized as per the budgets. The production mode should also be considered to ascertain whether the production will be internal or external resources should be hired to create the video.

Selecting the wrong mode of production:

Though this is the factor undertaken while finalizing the budget, it has highly effective on the overall production value of a learning video. There are advantages and disadvantages of each – but the correct decision can be achieved by evaluating each one of them. Pros of internal activities is that you can personally address all project problems to create content with accuracy and speed. It is also very easy to brainstorm new ideas and implement them when the resources are in-house. But, there are disadvantages as well like to maintain in-house resources for creating video as it is expensive and if the production is not done on regular basis, it doesn’t make financial sense at all.

Creation of script without considering different factors that impacts it directly:

It is very important to create scripts with the in-house content marketing team. You should not use too many jargons or buzzwords with which the learner is unfamiliar. You can use some buzzwords backed by relevant facts or data. You should use visuals for complex concept and keep your words for something impactful. Through this the size of the videos will increase.

Use of poor audio:

Many videos have music in the background which is an important factor in determining whether a video makes an impact on the audiences. The selected music should show the value related to your brand. Awry music can distract the learners and can take their mind away from video information that is being shared.

Ignoring the Final review:

Reviewing video is the final step which cannot be undervalued. You will have to review every second of the footage. Go through all the content in the video. Review the audio separately to point out the errors and inconsistencies. It is good to take an internal as well as external review to ensure the video quality is perfect.

By avoiding these mistakes, we can ensure that video quality is standard and the learners can use them as an effective learning tool.


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