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Mobile Learning: The Trend Everyone Is Talking About

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Mobile Learning: The Trend Everyone Is Talking About

February 9th, 2020 | Vivek Bhide | Tags: ,

For a long time since the advent of this field, access for students and teachers residing in some countries exposure to ICT (information and communications technology) has been far limited. This has posted a big hindrance in the development of education in those places. Though, things have radically changed with the coming of mobiles and more so smartphone has changed the scenario to a great extent.

These are some facts that proves the effectiveness of mobiles. There are currently almost 7 billion mobile phones in the world, almost as many inhabitants as on the planet. You should know that if one were to choose between a laptop and a mobile phone for researching a subject in depth, mobile learning probably wouldn’t be your best option. Thus, it is necessary to use the appropriate means at the right time to optimize the way in which you learn. About three in four teens aged 12-17 say they access the internet on cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Mobile learning is not a complete educational solution but can be used as a supplement to the other areas of your studies such as classes and lecture scenarios or learning through computers and virtual classes.

The numerous mobile learning applications that are available in smartphones has been of great help. Though, there are many other ways to take advantage of your device from an educational point of view. Given are some essential mediums in the mobile learning segment:


This process can be used to create podcasts and videos meaning tutorials. There are channels which give genuine information about a topic and where you can really learn something useful or extra valuable in order to enhance your professional and vocational skills.


In times of checking the files on your phone, take snapshots or photos of your note to future referral. These images can be real life-saver at times and can also be shared within friend and acquaintances via internet.


As the world is getting close by day, there is huge demand to learn languages in order to move to new place, make business or study any new language for the sake of just curiosity. In the market, there are many may free as well as paid language learning applications that you can download in your phone and learn the different levels and modes in your own time and enjoy talking to a wider audience.

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