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Sujanil Chemo Industries Success Story

Emmersive Infotech

Sujanil Chemo Industries Success Story

November 29th, 2019 | Vivek Bhide | Tags:

Emmersive Infotech Makes Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company Sujanil Chemo Industries Stand Out in B2C E-commerceDownload Case

PUNE – 29th July,2015 – Sujanil, an expert manufacturer of various Agro-chemicals Pesticides along with Household Insecticides and various pest control and public health care products is providing full service, seamless and efficient online customer experience with the help of Emmersive Infotech.

Established in 1966, Sujanil offers a comprehensive range of innovative products in the field of pesticides and household insecticides and are known for their quality and competitive price. With such a fast and dynamic growing business, Sujanil needed a web based platform that can be sustainable, flexible, scalable and offering highest standard of service to its customers at the same time. By implementing an e-commerce platform with Emmersive, Sujanil is seamlessly offering to its clients full service, efficient and mobile-optimized online customer experience.

Sujanil, an industry leader in anticipating customer need and exceeding it with guaranteed and enduring results, faced the challenge of keeping pace with today’s technology.  Emmersive’s e-commerce portal enabled Sujanil to cater to the diverse and unique needs of their clientele from the comfort of their homes. Contract terms, payment preferences, workflows and shipping needs are now tailored to the client needs.

Leveraging the functionality of Emmersive’s e-commerce platform, Sujanil offers customized online buying experience complying with Sujanil’s internal policies, track discounts and ship to home facility and at significantly reduced cost to the business.  The portal’s responsive design has also enabled Sujanil to better serve the 40% of customers visiting and ordering through mobile phones and tablets and to slash its high bounce rates.

“One of the key business drivers for using Emmersive’s e-commerce platform is agility.” said Ashish Desai,CEO at Sujanil. “Productivity of our customer service team has increased as they spend less time on phone. With customizable back end and enhanced visibility, we can devise personalised promotional campaigns for both new and existing customers.” Previously, customer service team used to spend lot of time on the phone and did not have good visibility of customer and vendor information, wasting both time and money.

“Sujanil approached us with their needs to take the sales to next level and we were able to offer a complete set of solutions to address these needs face-on,” said Vivek Bhide, Emmersive’s  Executive Director of IT Solutions. “In today’s environment, it is essential to support a platform for enhanced customer experience by providing highly customized views of virtual products and design clever solutions for online order submission and management. We managed to deliver both efficiently while driving down costs.” said Tushar Desai , Director IT Solutions

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About Emmersive Infotech

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