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Tips to Create Effective Video-based Learning

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Tips to Create Effective Video-based Learning

January 9th, 2020 | Vivek Bhide | Tags:


The popularity of video based learning is increasing across almost all the industries. Video based learning is changing the way of learning. One can combine the video with other learning platform like video conferencing or online chat room. Video based learning has great potential to offer the learners with an integrated online learning space. And as a result, the demand for video based learning has increased and now the video creators or developers are finding it difficult to ensure that their content is engaging and effective. According to Cisco Systems, by 2018 the internet will drive its traffic through video content.

In this blog we will be providing you with some tips which are necessary to create effective video based learning:

Telling a Story:

 All of us love stories. Telling story is a great way to teach. Through stories learners can visualize the real-life application of the learning provided. When the video is presented in the form of the story, it becomes easy to visualize. The content becomes useful and it increases learner engagement. On adding backgrounds and characters in the videos, the learner’s effort to visualize are decreased. Learners connect to the video personally, if the stories are very close to their real life situations.

State Your Objective:

 It is very important to state the learning objective of your course so as to grab your learner’s attention. Through this, the learner’s understand what they will be learning in the video. To do this, you should clearly define your objective for creating the video. Setting your goals will help you in designing a video effectively.

Keep the length of your video short:

 Your video length plays a very important role in engaging your learners. You have to make sure that the videos are short. If your module is lengthy, you should break them into small nuggets or bite sized snippets. This bite sized modules should be less than 2 minutes. You have to make sure that your videos are easily digestible. It should include more images than the text as the video shouldn’t look like a PowerPoint replica. You also need to ensure that your images appear realistic.

Your video should have a VO:

 As video based learning is different from the traditional method of training, it is important that your video based learning module includes voice over (VO). In a video based learning module, the learners have to study themselves. So, the images and text that you include in the video should be supported by an audio. Additionally, it also helps in preparing audio scripts for audio that will go with the video.

Including Captions:

 There are many benefits of including a caption in a video. Including a caption in a video helps the learners who have a hearing problem. According to a survey, though the transcript increases engagement, captions are responsible for increasing the completion rate of video from 45% to 80%. There are many video editing tools that will help you in adding captions in your video. Including caption in a video is important for learners who find it difficult to understand English.


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