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Top 10 Value Addition Metrics For Learning And Development Teams

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Top 10 Value Addition Metrics For Learning And Development Teams

November 11th, 2019 | Vivek Bhide | Tags: ,

Teams seeking to move away from a unilateral control mindset and instead to embrace the mutual learning mindset, will first need to live the five core values that are designed to produce results that include high performance, better relationships, and individual satisfaction.

In terms of gauging the quotient of demonstrating value, most learning and development teams start with the design of the intervention and end with what can only be called happy sheets which they call evaluation.

Despite the link between measurement and performance, only 38% of the 223 companies we interviewed put in place steps to demonstrate the impact of behavior change on the business to a moderate extent.

It is found as little as 20% of most company’s time and money is spent on aligning development with the goals of the company and the same small amount of resource is used to monitor how leaders are applying and benefiting from what can be learned to ensure behavior sticks.

There are many value factors which are essential for the growth of learning and development teams:


Ask questions that you do not already know the answers to. In challenging situations, you may believe you understand them and have the right ideas to solve them, but you are at a loss when others disagree. Either they do not see what you see or you do not know what they know. Do not feel threatened by new information or ideas. Engage others and allow them to question your ideas, but most of all, take an interest in what others feel, think, and say.


Without compassion, the mutual learning approach feels hollow and robotic. It is the emotional glue that holds all the core values together. When you operate from compassion you are aware of the pain that people you work with face, you internally connect to their pain, cognitively. and emotionally and you respond to the pain.


The organization depends on you to make good decisions and to be held accountable for the short- and long-term consequences of such decisions. Accountability means that you are expected to explain your reasoning, decisions, and actions by others. It is not sufficient to simply tell others what you said, what you did, or what you decided. It is necessary to explain what led you to say, do, or decide what you did. By helping others understand your thinking you reduce the chance that people will make up inaccurate stories about your intent.

Informed choice

Informed choice is built on information that you generate through transparency and curiosity. Informed choice means making decisions and maximizing others’ abilities to make decisions based on relevant information in a way that builds commitment. Not only are you informed, so too, are those you are working with. When your team makes informed choices they become more committed to the decisions.


You must share all relevant information, including your thoughts, feelings, and strategies with the appropriate people at the appropriate time. It means explaining why you are saying what you are saying, why you are asking what you are asking, and why you are doing what you are doing. Everyone needs to be on the same page to move forward.

In additional to these main factors, there are also some which prove the value of your learning and development strategy.

Market share

The metrics of market share consists of asserting the abilities of revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

Efficiency in training

Training falls an essential part of the growth agenda and it defines valuable metrics like delivery time, cost reduction, volume and the study time.

Products and services

As a core component to any business form, the services and products of the firm are measured by time to delivery of new products and services and also the time to roll-out of new IT applications in e-learning market.


Fulfilling this criteria is essential for the growth and also getting an upper hand in the industry with cut-throat competition. The attrition rates, engagement levels, productivity levels and time to competency.


This is part of any business venture and working in an environment which fosters growth, gives the companies to come up with challenges and face the inevitable to take the big step forward.

These metrics define the ability and scope for growth in the elearning market and in creating development teams for learning in the elearning business.

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