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Developing cost effective elearning for your organizational needs


Elearning is not the necessity, but it is the present and the future of the next generation. The need is invariant our society or economy's nature drives the needs for learning.

Elearning has become the very important part of education as it offers many benefits to the learning. elearning can be a very effective plan for human resource development. For correct business decisions, elearning should be in synchronization with the business goals. An organization can undertake different plans at different stages of its training development.


Elearning is not only beneficial for students, but it is also beneficial for elders and working people. The companies who are new in the market can make their business profitable by building or developing the content, technologies and services of next generations for academic, consumers and business markets.


At Emmersive Infotech, our certified professionals use the latest technologies for creating dynamic and engaging content. We use some hi-tech software like Flash, Articulate, Captivate, Lectora etc to develop the course with 3D and 2D cartoons and animations. To make the learning process more easy, we also develop game based e-learning courses as a part of your learning program.


Custom elearning : We understand your needs and based on that we create the learning strategy!


The evolution of elearning has been different in different sectors. In the education elearning can be called as a learning process that uses online learning tools and software based tools. In business, higher education and training, it is exclusively called as online learning.


At Emmersive Infotech, we offer wide range of elearning services to our clients. Till date we have been successful in offering custom elearning solutions for particular learning needs. We have expertise in the domain of elearning. As we have worked with different SMB’s, we understand the learner’s requirements and based on that we create the learning strategy that is well aligned. We provide our clients with custom software development service so that our client can easily build or manage their elearning delivery.


Our enthusiastic professionals use popular development tools to create elearning courses that are interactive and impactful. Our elearning courses are the results of profound understanding as per the clients requirement, deadlines and budget and strong instructional design methodologies. Whether it is responsive elearning or rapid elearning, we provide customized elearning solutions for all your needs.


A Perfect One-Stop Destination For elearning: With accurate technologies and strategies, we offer perfect solutions for business. Our content development professionals, subject matter experts, instructional designers, elearning developers and visualizer with expertise in elearning domain provide creative and excellent custom elearning solutions.


  • Our Content Authoring Capabilities: Our in-house content development team use latest tools and technologies like Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, HTML5, Flash and Lectora.
  • Our Resources: We have team of professionals who interact with the clients to get all the necessary information in order to deliver striking elearning solutions.
  • Flexible Modalities: According to the organizations needs, you can on-board us at any stages i.e. elearning design, development course and course delivery.
  • Networking and Connectivity: These days learners are not confined to classroom with a teacher teaching them. Elearning allows the people to connect and access both its text and visuals.
  • Flexibility: Due to the jobs, many students are not able to attend their classes. Whether its early morning or late night, elearning course can help these students as the students can study according to their flexibility.
  • Intelligent Learning Design: We understand the changing business environment and create the learning solutions that are according to the clients requirements and budget.
  • Scaled customization: Our elearning course is available for the learners in customized form on website and mobile that works on any scale no matter what is your team size or the device.
  • Content Security: The clients should own their own content. We code your data and see to it that it is in flow and no one downloads, share or copy it without your permission.


Many people look out for the more learning opportunities, for the advancement in career. While most of the people just watch short training on their phone about the new application. Elearning certainly comes with some benefits which are as follows:


  • Elearning gives us a chance to create and communicate new training, ideas, policies and concepts quickly.
  • Elearning ensures that all the learners receives same training.
  • If the organization is using LMS, then it becomes easy to track and report the progress of learners.
  • Through elearning, the learner gets the chance to learn as per their convenience.
  • Elearning removes the need for CBT (classroom based training), and reduces the needs to travel.
  • With custom elearning, one can easily relate content to the real life situations to make it more meaningful so that learning can be immediately be applied on the job.
  • Custom elearning is easy, quick and inexpensive to maintain and update.
  • Custom elearning assessment process is very important to determine if your elearning has been successful or not.
  • With custom elearning one get a chance to increase the value and image of your brand.
  • Custom elearning increases engagement by using real locations and employees in the content videos etc.