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Gamification & Game-Based Learning : We help you in creating game-based learning to engage your learners.


Does your learners feel bore or they don't get engaged or motivated while training? If yes, then you must try Gamification or game based learning. At Emmersive Infotech, we create fun and engaging game-based learning courses. Right from game design program till the development and delivery, we provide solutions for organizations and performance based requirements. 


With the advancement in technology and changing environment, game-based learning is the trend today. At Emmersive Infotech, we initially analyze the requirements of company and then see if the gamification solution can help them to achieve those results. Then, we plan, design, develop and deliver the custom elearning solution to the client company.


If you want to motivate your employees, then game-based training is the solution for your organization.


  • Story Based Games:  We develop games based on situations and story telling scenarios that are known to the learners. Story based games can teach the learners by creating a well-recognized setting.


  • Character Led Games:  We create some well-known characters in the games so that the learners can recognize them. As the learner is well-versed with the character, the learners experience become more personal. This is truly a great way of learning.


  • Interactive Games:  We build different inter-activity in the learning games. This makes the learners gaming experience more immersive and the learners get an excellent learning experience.


  • Varying Resources:  We have dedicated experts and resources who have huge experience in gaming technology. These experts creates innovative learning games as per the requirement of the clients.


  • Utilization of Budget:  We are specialized in creating striking gaming solutions as per the available budgets. We use technology that is correct and doesn’t costs our client much.


  • Gamificaiton offers effective and informal learning environment to the learners.
  • It helps the learners to practice real life challenges and situations in a safe environment.
  • It gives immediate feedback to the learner so that the learner knows what he/she knows or what he/she should know.
  • The learner can use gamification to fulfill many learning needs which includes on-boarding, induction, customer support, product sales, awareness creation, soft skills etc.
  • As gamification leads to higher behavioral change, it creates the performance improvement that impacts ROI for organizations.