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Performance Support

Performance Support : Complement your learning with our Performance Support System!


We tend to forget, 60% content that we learn within 24-48 hours of formal training. Performance support is the new way of formal training and it remind learners about applying formal training to get the results. After completing training, performance support tools help and tell the learners what should they know at the exact moment.


Some organization offers training services to their employees that concentrates on their learning skills. But, training alone is not enough. You should also have Performance Support System that complements your training. Performance training is the kind of support that allows the workers to enhance their skill efficiency.


We, at Emmersive Infotech, delivers highly accessible and influential information through short videos, bite size course,etc. making learning a “right time learning”. We believe that training is an on-going process which should advance without a hiccup!


  • Videos:  Video learning course highlights the features and captures the essence of the training. We support this feature with short and engaging videos
  • Interactive PDF:  We convert long information into a visually appealing and easy to navigate format. The PDF that we develop is accessible from all the devices like laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets.
  • E-Book:  E-book has similar features like Interactive PDF but it provides SCORM packaging extension. So, the organization gets the added benefit of tracking learners usage which is not possible through interactive PDF.
  • Animation or Kinetic text:  In this feature, we use animations to convey your message. It displays the use of animations.
  • Whiteboard Animation:  Using this feature, our developer displays their effectiveness by complementing a compliance course. We believe that simple graphics and concise audio conveys the message very effectively.


  • Our performance support tool gives employees the right to perform tasks with less external intervention or training.
  • The time of skilled performers is saved when they train less skilled performance for some specific tasks.
  • It helps the new employees to perform their tasks quickly and correctly without losing their time when training is unavailable, impractical and constrained.
  • It guides the new employees with difficult task that cannot be remembered.
  • It recommends and upgrades the new systems.