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Rapid Elearning

Rapid elearning : We create media rich courses by using rapid authoring tools.


Rapid elearning is the best tool to create elearning to fit your budget and timeline. At Emmersive Infotech, we create engaging and media rich courses that will suit your tight deadline by using rapid authoring tools. Our experienced team, with their huge experience and knowledge makes the development faster according to the budget of the client.


Rapid elearning offers solutions for developing learning content for quick training needs. We also develop courses like technology training and product training that needs to be upgraded or updated. These courses are developed by us in a effective manner by using rapid authoring tool.


  • Extended Expertise:  Emmersive Infotech has many experts who are well-versed with the major rapid authoring tools. We quickly develop effective elearning solutions by using tools like Captivate, Articulate, Lectora etc.
  • Time & Cost:  Developing elearning solutions using rapid authoring tools ensure that the content is aligned to the instant learning need. This solution benefits save the time and money.
  • Maximum Output:  Firms that needs lot of content for learning on regular basis gets the benefit of rapid authoring. It decreases the time and efforts that are needed in developing content. Using rapid authoring tools lot of content can be developed for the group of learners.
  • Useful for All:  Rapid Authoring tools can be used for building all kinds of elearning courses. No matter, if the content is heavy or has too many graphics, development retains its cost and time.
  • Easy to learn:  Clients can learn the rapid authoring tools as they are easy to learn. Changes using the tools can be done very easily. As the client ultimately learns all tools, it benefits the clients.


Rapid elearning was introduced to develop and implement the elearning courses quickly. Though, it was introduced in 2004, many people still wonder what are the benefits of rapid elearning. Let us take a look at the benefits of rapid elearning:


  • Rapid elearning courses are quick and convenient to update and easy to maintain.
  • Rapid elearning is perfect for subject matters that are required to be distributed in a short period of time or for projects with a tight deadline.
  • The rapid elearning courses have smaller files, which means they can be downloaded faster.


  • While developing rapid elearning courses, only two professionals are needed, an instructional designer and a subject matter expert. This reduces the cost of hiring a team.
  • Rapid elearning courses are easier than traditional elearning courses.