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Get eLearning Right: Content, Visualization and Gamification

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Get eLearning Right: Content, Visualization and Gamification

‘’Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I will learn,’’ said Benjamin Franklin. An eLearning module should be an outcome of this philosophy, where learners are efficaciously engaged and compelled to complete the course. Here’s how you can make eLearning a fun-filled experience for the instructors and the learners.


Content means everything. It should be masterfully designed to help the learner ‘learn’. A condensed appears non- overwhelming. An eLearning course of more than 2 hours that is rich in text and narration can help put someone to sleep but is highly unsuitable for meeting modern business challenges. ELearning content should be crisp and impactful and NOT AT ALL lengthy.


Build interactivity into the course by making use of animation. The learner should be able to relate to the content by interacting with it, enabling knowledge retention, engagement and retention. Interactivity can include questions, videos and simulations that replicate the real world to enable the learner to make decisions without taking any risks. Experiential learning through simulation can add to the success of an eLearning solution. Visualizations can be influencing, keeping the learner attentive and positive throughout.


No game equals to no gain. Gamification is not just about points and badges. Give a competitive edge to your training needs by incorporating gamification elements like powerful graphics, sounds, avatars, progress maps, timers, etc. that can effectively test the learner’s skills based on his strengths. Employees will be excited to complete the course if they are rewarded with an incentive at the end like score-based rewards. Gamification can enhance the over-all learning experience of the organization as a whole.

ELearning can be made into a wonderful adventure, memories of which can remain deeply ingrained i.e. knowledge retained adequately. These 3 simple ways if brewed in the right proportion can help the learner feel motivated and inspired to learn.


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