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Strengthening our foothold in AUSTRALIA

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Strengthening our foothold in AUSTRALIA

February 15th, 2020 | Vivek Bhide | Tags: ,


In today’s world of new trends and technologies, the collaboration that is happening between countries doesn’t come as a surprise. It is indeed necessary that the countries come together on a common platform to open up immense opportunities and gateways for one’s growth and attain the ability to transform the world.


We have all witnessed the friendship and partnership that India and Australia share along the similarities of culture, education and research options, love of sport and many others. There are so many such similarities and the current state of affairs make the collaboration between the two countries very cohesive.


We, Emmersive are an organization who specialize in digital content and technology solutions. Our range of solutions range from content development, content management solutions, game based learning etc. among many others.

After having been in India for quite some time now and having carved a niche here, we wish to strengthen our foothold in the AU market. Since, we ardently believe and understand the importance that you attribute to education and training, we are sure to benefit you with the expertise that we have developed over time.


We know that in today’s market of cut throat competition, it is of utmost importance that you set clear differentiators to make yourself visible. We do have strong and stringent ideals that we do not compromise on when delivering, some of them are:

  • We believe in originality, so our true assets are our team of subject matter experts and certified professionals
  • We also have measures that check and validate quality so there is no compromise made on quality
  • We also make sure that we keep abreast of new trends like gamification, rapid e learning, responsive e learning etc. and incorporate all of these when designing content
  • Our knowledge management solutions are versatile and come with a lot of out of box features, facilitates ecommerce and many other such necessary and customizable features.

Check out details of the offerings:

Content Solutions

Knowledge management solutions

Our testimony of success lies in many leading industries of varied sectors making use of our solutions and the fact that they keep coming back to us inspires us to keep pushing ourselves even further.

Upcoming Webinar –

‘How To Assure Quality in eLearning’

Date21st July

Time – 15:30:00 AEST (Show time in my time zone)

This webinar is focused on the new approach towards testing the most-promised element that quality is during development and post-delivery (user feedback).


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