Emmersive is thrilled to announce that Ajaz S. Hussain, Ph.D. has joined our advisory team!

Ajaz brings his experience and insights to guide the further development of the Emmersive platform and solutions at this crucial juncture when the world demands novel solutions to support human development. We know his insights will help us to build our product vision and support our drive to being the best software solution for knowledge management for the pharmaceutical sector.

Ajaz is the President of the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology & Education is a member of several advisory boards and maintains an active teaching schedule and his consulting practice.

“Inviting Ajaz to join our team will tremendously accelerate our position in becoming a market leader in the Pharmaceutical knowledge Management space. It’s also a huge vote of confidence for Emmersive to be adding such top-notch talent.”

— Vivek Bhide

“Having Ajaz onboard will help infuse industry insights to innovate and improve platform and offerings, which will help align our new releases to cater much closer to end-user needs.”

— Debasish Dutta

“I am excited to begin this collaboration with Emmersive and look forward to helping the team evolve the current platform and offerings to facilitate the development of pharmaceutical professionals. In the pharma sector, adherence to regulations and compliance with corporate policies and routines are necessary but not sufficient. As the world emerges from the lockdowns, quantifiable professional development will be a key determinant of individual and corporate success.”

– Ajaz Hussain