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Emmersive has harnessed the latest in education tech to develop a well-curated, fully scalable learning environment to host your learning content on. It’s a standards-compliant platform that was designed to be easy to use. From customizing your course delivery options to having a say in individual module assignment, you can do it all.



Latest LMS Features

Boost your learning content with new features like Multi-level Tracking, API-based integration, individual / team analytics, Meta-tags and keyword tagging to enable searchable micro-nuggets

LMS Migration Support

We also support the full-scale migration of your existing LMS data to our LMS

LMS Data Integrity & Security

We offer you full control over how your course is viewed and by whom. The latest security authentication features and cybersafety protocols come equipped with our LMS

Social Learning

Our LMS can act as a social learning forum or portal for your learners to interact with each other, complete group assignments, discuss, collaborate, comment, and share their work

Above and Beyond Simple Learning

Whether your learning content is long and short, our LMS’s advanced capabilities can be scaled to fit it like a glove.
24x7 Technical Support

Enjoy end-to-end customer support and expert guidance from our LMS admin team

Personalized Learning Algorithm

Empower learners with adaptive learning support that allows for different learning preferences and customizable learning paths

Publish Additional Learning Resources

Supplement your course with relevant articles, downloadable worksheets, PDFs, research material, and optional assignments all hosted on our LMS

Nudge-based Learning

We are experimenting with Nudge Learning, by using the account notifications on our LMS as reminders, memos, and recommendations for our learners

Gamified, Certifiable Assessments


Developing learning content without an assessment at the end is like building a house and forgetting to lock the front door. Performance, progress, and engagement tracking are crucial parts of the feedback we depend on to continuously enhance our offerings.
Spaced Learning
It is critical to measure the impact of your learning content, by interspersing it with periodic LMS assessments or tests that keep the learner on their toes
Comprehensive Learning Metrics
Enjoy the transparency and insight offered by our advanced learning engagement and results analytics that can be visualized on your LMS dashboard
Reinforced Learning & Certification
Pre-course testing results can be compared with post-course testing results to calculate the impact of learning, complete with certification and passing grades
Gamified LMS
We can integrate your existing course with our gamified LMS to turn the assessment into a fun competition amongst learners, complete with a live scoreboard

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