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In the spirit of cultural inclusion, most organizations are going multi-lingual with their learning content. We have discovered that most learners retain more knowledge and learn much faster, when taught in their own mother-tongue.
Even the most universally accepted language – English – can never take the place of one’s native language, and we have found that this is especially true in India. This is why we offer the crucial service of translating and localizing learning content. We hire the best professionals to translate your learning content into any language, as needed.



Expand Your Reach

Don’t leave out any potential learners from around the world, just because of the language barrier

Seal of Quality

We can ensure that your training content remains consistent in its quality, tone, and message across the barrier of languages

Access Our Vendor Pool

Emmersive’s large vendor pool of professional translators and bilingual experts can translate your content into pretty much any foreign language

Multimedia Localization

Localization doesn’t stop at text, we can provide voiceovers in any language, to connect to all of your learners from around the globe

Software Localization

Our IT professionals and development team ensure that the technical aspects of your software operate as they did in the source, to ensure consistent user experience

Knowledge for One and All

508 Compliance regulations have made it necessary for learning content to follow accessibility guidelines to make content available for all.
Inclusive Learning

Inclusivity is one of our core values and we strive to reward everyone’s curiosity with knowledge, no matter their disabilities

Accessibility Compliance

We ensure that all our learning content conforms to Accessibility Guidelines: W3C WCAG 2.0 (Levels A-AAA), Section 508, and ADA

Accessible UI Design Templates

Our course UI design templates have been tested for accessibility issues and polished to perfection

Accessibility Testing

We can help you transform your legacy training content by modernizing it and preparing it from the viewpoint of accessibility

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