One Size Does NOT Fit All!



These days even the best-in-class learning content can go unnoticed, if it’s not device agnostic. So, we have perfected the art of Customized Responsive Learning, to deliver reconfigurations of multi-platform learning content for every screen size, to ensure smooth navigation across a variety of different devices and platforms. Mobile-first capability is of utmost importance, but why leave out all the other devices?

We empower every learner to be able to start the course on their computer, continue it on their phones and finish it on their tablets, if need be!



Mobile-Friendly Course Design

Responsive eLearning empowers a student to achieve their necessary tasks easily and efficiently within a course, whether they’re using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone

Seamless Content

On-the-go content that fluidly adapts to the size of your screen, responding to any and every device without issues


Across both devices and operating systems, we take pride in delivering consistent quality of visual and instructional excellence.

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    Stories Teach Valuable Lessons


    Nothing can capture one’s attention like a good story. That's why we believe in the storification approach that transforms generic Learning Content into engaging scenario-based storytelling. When framed in the right context, even the most monotonous content can become enthralling.

    Instead of trying to avoid inevitable distractions, we choose to distract the learners in the right way, for a more meaningful impact.

    Scenario-based Learning
    We introduce relevant scenarios with relatable characters for the learner to identify with. This always leads to a deeper understanding.
    Narrative-driven Content
    Nothing keeps the learner focused like a strong narrative with a relevant premise for them to get emotionally invested in
    Stories with Applicable Morals
    Stories help us achieve the ultimate goal of teaching: learners that can actually apply their learning in impactful ways

    Custom-made Responsive Learning: Making it Personal

    Our bespoke training is tailor-made not just to suit the needs of every client, but also the personal needs of every individual learner. We provide the learners with relevant content and the flexibility to personalize their own learning path. Adaptive Learning helps learners pick and choose exactly what they need, to accomplish their goals in a shorter time.
    Personalized Learning
    Grant your learners the control of their own learning road-map through Personalized Learning that can adapt
    Hybrid Learning
    The post-COVID hybrid work environments call for hybrid learning/blended learning programs that allow for flexibility in learning
    Boost in Learner Enagement
    Every learner has unique set of personal needs, and if you have a diverse group of learners, then personalization is the only way to cater to them all
    Engaged Learners are Productive Learners
    Whether you are upskilling or reskilling your workforce, ensuring maximum learner engagement is the key

    When Speed is of the Essence

    At the other end of the spectrum, we offer a flexible approach to delivering knowledge and training material quickly, so as to keep up with your fast-changing development needs. These types of no-frills Rapid Learning courses may be off-the-shelf, but they are no less engaging and effective. Whether it’s compliance training, knowledge sharing, sales training, or communication of HR policy updates, Rapid Learning usually has a short shelf-life.
    Never Sacrifice Quality
    As Agile Learning specialists, we know that Speed may be your first priority, but Quality is always a close second
    White Label Templatized Course UI
    Our well-designed Rapid Learning course templates can also be customized to save time and effort during crunched project timelines
    Tight Deadlines, Tight Budgets
    We have perfected the art of delivering time-sensitive content at an affordable cost

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