Emmersive Infotech

Helping Companies in their Knowledge Management Journey

Who We Are

Emmersive Infotech is a pioneer in the area of Digital Transformation Solutions, transitioning experiences into a digital workspace. We design custom Knowledgement Solutions for the new millennial workforce with cutting-edge technologies like AI and Virtual Reality. Our content platforms are known for enabling personalized user experience.

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Interactive Solutions

Video Interactivity

These days, the demand for video-based learning is rising. Users prefer “on the go” micro learning videos.

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Responsive Elearning

Our adaptive training courses aren't just easy on the eyes, they also keep learners engaged and guide them in achieving their learning objective.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is going to transform the world’s largest industries. Experience worlds we’ve yet to imagine.

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Translation and Localisation

Emmersive Infotech is the perfect partner to work with your organization in ensuring that the quality of training remains consistent across different languages and localities.

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Product Solutions

Obinco Compliance - LMS

The implementation of LMS can affect many employees and customers throughout an organization.

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Obinco Assessment

Obinco is an easy-to-use Online Assessment platform designed by Emmersive Infotech, to satisfy assessment and certification needs.

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Obinco Portfolio - Galilia

Community Platform for Online eLearning Professionals and Organizations.

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Value Proposition

Quality Assurance

Our team provides a buffet of comprehensive solutions that makes you stand out from your competitors in terms of performance and quality.

Timely delivery

We push ourselves to the limits to achieve the best possible results so that we meet our targets in the given deadlines.

Cost Effective

We offer cost-effective web designing and web development solutions without making any compromises to achieve the desired results.