If a picture alone is worth a thousand words, then what does that say about a video?

If a picture alone is worth a thousand words, then what does that say about a video?



Around 40% of learners respond better to visual information than text alone! Videos have emerged as the most impactful medium for every single type of employee training. Emmersive’s video-based learning is designed to spark the learner’s interaction in a more engaging, informative, and convenient way. The video format empowers us to express the multi-faceted aspects of a topic, making for a compelling and more engaging learning experience. Videos lead to higher information recall and knowledge retention and improved application of learning on the job.

Breaking the Monotony of Traditionally Humdrum Compliance Training Content!

Compliance Training is very prone to being reduced to shallow training, such as lists of Do’s and Don’t’s and long walls of instructional text. Emmersive has broken the mould by infusing video content into compliance training, complete with rich visuals and step-by-step video tutorials of Standard Operating Procedures.
Conversion of ILT to Video-ILT (VILT)

Instructor-led Trainings should be recorded on camera, and edited before getting injected into online courses or hybrid training workshops

Visually Compelling Assessments

Even videos stand the risk of becoming monotonous, which is why we intersperse videos with periodic interactive quizzes to transform passive learning into active learning

Conversion of SOP to Video format

Complex Standard Operating Procedures can be broken down into steps, using video content to demonstrate to the learner how a certain procedure is to be performed

Video Demos & Simulations

Soft skills training is best imparted in the video format, through mini-tutorial clips and demo videos that depict the process in a step-by-step manner

Keeping it Short and Sweet


Our commitment to heavily visualized learning gels well with the concept of micro-learning. The quickest way to lose your learner’s attention is by taking it for granted. That’s why Emmersive prefers to break our learning content down into short, concise, and compact nuggets of micro-information. Unengaged employees can be won over through eye-grabbing visuals that summarize short bursts of information. We aim to save the time and effort of our impatient millennial and Gen Z learners.
Just-in-Time Learning
Self-paced learning saves time, effort, and cost by empowering learners to move at their own convenience
Optimal Course Length
Short courses of 2-5 minutes, to avoid cognitive overload caused by the modern learner’s shorter attention span
Searchable Micro-learning Nuggets
Enable your learners to search for independent bite-sized nuggets of compact knowledge that is relevant to them, on our LMS
Video-based Learning
We offer 2D Animated videos, professionally directed short videos with actors, illustrated infographics, product demos videos, marketing videos, all of which are punctuated by visual cues, energetic edits, and subliminally helpful sound effects
Beautiful Visuals & Graphic Design
Well-designed and storyboarded, visually rich media which never strays from the learning objectives
Best-in-class Authoring Tools
Our developers are well-versed in all the latest tools: Articulate Storyline 360, iSpring, Adobe Captivate, Lectora, Articulate Rise, RoboHelp, Camtasia, and Custom HTML5

Gamified Learning is an Experience

Sheer information might fade away with time, but our experiences stay with us for much longer. So we are always on the lookout for new ways to spice up our learning content with highly-interactive layers of gamification, to grab the younger learner’s attention and keep them hooked for even longer. Gamification usually ensures the highest possible course completion rates.
Next Level of Interactivity
Learning interactions improve memory recall and cement the learning into the minds of interested learners
Embrace Experiential Learning
We specialize in converting existing learning content into Gamified learning that boosts productivity in the workplace
A Sense of Competition
Learning activities and fun exercises inspire the energy and drive to succeed that comes from competing against your fellow learners

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