With the advent of Internet and other new technologies, the world has become a smaller place. Globalization is the key! There is nothing that is hidden and every content, resource, application must now meet the needs of every country and region. There is a greater need than ever for localization in today’s era. Localization is adapting an existing system (basically designed for one particular region) so as to meet the needs of a different region, not just in terms of language but culture, look and feel, beliefs etc. We will have a look at some real life examples on why localization is so important in elearning, this book is sure to leave a lasting impression by the sheer differences of culture, custom and language that are highlighted. The reader is surely to be convinced of the vast distinctions that exist and the importance of binding all of them together! This ebook will give the reader an insight on this concept. It will also highlight the benefits, challenges and at the end will give tips so as to facilitate successful implementation of localization in the already existing systems.