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Responsive Elearning

Responsive elearning : We give you great learning experience, wherever you want.


Whether it is responsive content or mobile content, our passionate team work with you to ensure that correct delivery method is used.


Our every responsive elearning courses that we create are not only striking but it keep learners engage and achieve the learning objective. We use some popular development tools to create a course that would run on smart phones as well. These tools help us to develop platform independent content as a web based course. It helps you to adapt the type of interactivity that will be displayed.


  • Create One Course For All Devices:  We design, develop and test new solutions that works on all the devices with utmost precision. We also develop rapid elearning courses, ebook’s and videos which are short and engaging.


  • Conversion Of Current elearning Content:  We convert current elearning content into responsive elearning. It saves our clients time and keeps them ahead in the competition.


  • Quick Solutions:  We offer quick solutions and help in developing a plan for designing responsive elearning courses based on audience and business drivers.


  • Multi-Platform Delivery:  We create content according to the types of operating system like Windows, Android, Ios in order to meet the requirements of clients.


Whether it is a television screen or a window mobile phone or a desktop screen, responsive e-learning module looks great on any device. Following are some of the benefits of responsive elearning:

  • Responsive elearning module responds to different screen sizes. You can also configure it for LMS delivery or it can be packaged to be delivered as an app.
  • The learner flows logically through the course as responsive elearning presents the content in a structured manner.
  • Responsive elearning goes well with device specifications like slide, wave, pinch, swipe or shake to help the learner to navigate the course in a different manner.
  • It gives learners a flexibility to start the course on their computer, continue it on their phones and finish the course on their tablets.
  • With a single responsive course, a compressed report can be obtained that tracks the journey of the user across devices.