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Virtual Reality

In the years to come, we believe Virtual Reality is going to transform the world’s largest industries. Emmersive virtual reality empowers businesses with new visualization techniques. Explore worlds that no longer exist. Revisit those that do. Experience worlds we’ve yet to imagine. Emmersive is all about technology that's both uniquely usable and extremely powerful. Focusing on clear interplay of features and functionality – from your perspective. As a company we are all about building that technology, driving it forwards, and supporting it. We aggressively reinvest in development to keep Emmersive moving and growing at a radical pace, expanding usability, power, and platform reach.


  • Virtual Reality Learning - Taking a page from aviation education, VR-assisted learning allows for educational support in authentic environments and extends the boundaries of the classroom. Realistic immersion in virtual environments can provide learners with a richer understanding of the material. This will also act as a stepping stone to real-world experiences, with fully integrated AIs, humans will employ machines for space and ocean exploration, fraud detection, knowledge management, job training and precision surgeries.
  • Training - In some sectors, VR is used to train employees, especially in dangerous environments. For example, pilots use simulators in case they make a mistake, and aspiring doctors take advantage of virtual reality to avoid medical accidents, pilots landing a plane, firefighters preping before their first fire – immersive learning. Immersive learning will lessen the difference between rookies and veterens in many professions. These practices will only expand to other sectors in the future. Furthermore, in the event of trauma occur in the workplace, VR can provide a means of therapy.
  • Convenience - VR can save organizations time and money, and make work more convenient. Workers won’t have to travel in order to make decisions and complete projects. For example, architects from across the globe can use virtual reality to evaluate designs, this alone is a monetary godsend. VR alsco opens the door for a virtual marketplace, where shoppers can try on garments, and you can see what that Arabian rug will look like in your den.

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