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Translation And Localization

We create game-based learning that overcomes language and culture barriers.


Does your office have multiple branches around the globe? Are some of your employees not Englishspeakers? It can be very frustrating to try to build a course that gets everyone on the same page.


Emmersive Infotech is the perfect partner to work with your organization in ensuring that the quality of training remains consistent across different languages and localities. We help you train your employees and clients in their domestic language by deploying correct multi-lingual and multi-cultural versions of your courses.


  • Large Pool Of Experts:  Our instructional designers, graphic designers, elearning developers and quality analysts have experience in industries like Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, Manufacturing, BFSI, Technology and others.
  • Native Resources:  We hire native voice artists for almost all major languages. We also offer content localization in all languages.
  • Cost-Effective:  Our localization service saves time and money. We can refurbish the same e-learning content according to the learner’s preference.
  • Multiple-Formats For Content:  We translate content in multiple formats, as required. This includes audio, video, PowerPoint, PDF, Flash, etc.


Localization removes the obstacles imposed by traditional elearning products:

  • Connect to the global audience. A single build can be translated to offer a global reach.
  • We adapt the content of scenarios and case studies so that they stay relevant and relate to particular social structures and cultures.
  • No need to develop unique training programs for certain groups or countries. The cost of setting up online training will be incurred only once.
  • Provide a consistent learning message to all. This helps in implementing international standards and methodologies to increase your service excellence.