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Learning Management System

At Emmersive Infotech, we offer ready to use and customized LMS according to our clients needs. 


Today, LMS (Learning Management System) is most widely used enterprise applications. The implementation of LMS can affect many employees and customers throughout an organization. Today, most of the organizations needs customized LMS. LMS Customization requires thorough knowledge and normally requires ongoing maintenance as application version keeps on changing.

At Emmersive Infotech, we build and develop customized LMS according to our clients needs. Our experienced professionals with the knowledge, make a learning strategy. They develop and customized LMS function the way you need. Whether it is an LMS that is to be deployed behind the firewall or something that has to be hosted anywhere, we have solutions for all your needs.


  • Strengthen Your Brand Within Your LMS:  We help you in creating familiar, learner centric experience for your customers, partners and employees with your brand and logo.
  • White Labelling:  We create a unique identity for your learning program through white labelling.
  • Localization:  We can translate the user portal into any other language to connect with those audiences who can’t speak or understand English language.
  • Out-of-Box Customization:  You can modelled our rich set of features as per your needs to include integration and manage compliance and reporting.
  • Customization of Existing LMS:  We can customize the existing LMS to upgrade the functionality and match the changing needs.
  • Integration:  You can seamlessly integrate our customized LMS with payment gateways, cloud storage, application, social media and other communication systems


  • The most important benefit of customized LMS is that it effectively conveys your organizations image and brand.
  • You don’t have to pay royalty costs or monthly license as you own all the content.
  • It allows you to update the course or module quickly and conveniently whenever required.
  • Our team of experienced developers has the expertise in building functional LMS that results in increased productivity.
  • Our customized LMS effectively streamlines user registrations, course creation and deployment, reporting and record keeping.