Emmersive-IBM Partnership Announcement

Turning Point: Announcing New Partnership Between IBM and Emmersive Infotech Pvt. Ltd

We are proud to announce that IBM and Emmersive Infotech are joining forces to break new ground and challenge the status quo of the AI tech space.

With game-changing achievements like the Watson supercomputer, IBM has been spearheading major AI advancements for years. They are mirrored by Emmersive Infotech’s trailblazing upward trajectory in the tech industry. And this alliance has come at a pivotal moment for both organizations.

Working together, IBM and Emmersive are preparing the industry for the arrival of next-gen AI. Machine learning holds the key to our future, and we are joining hands to pave the path for exciting new AI solutions. Industry experts are expressing eager anticipation at news of this new affiliation.

United in our efforts to solidify a shared vision, we are planning to work in harmony.