SEED and Emmersive InfoTech join forces to provide E-Learning solutions.

Emmersive InfoTech and SEED have come together in pursuit to enhance the quality of solutions currently available for online IT courses across the globe. With the demographic that opts for such courses on the rise, this partnership aims at providing quality content that users find not only informative, but also enjoyable and interesting.

Emmersive InfoTech has been one of the front runners in knowledge management solutions and learning technologies, administering services to clients from various parts of the world. Emmersive tends to a diverse range of industries, offering solutions to clients from education, pharmaceutical, health-care, e-commerce, real estate, manufacturing industries and many more.

“Always on the lookout for innovation and growth, we at Emmersive have tweaked our methods over time to keep at pace, or at times to even be ahead of the industrial trends. The partnership with SEED will be of great benefit, not only to us and SEED but also to the customers in terms of having quality online content at their disposal.” believes Mr. Vivek Bhide, Co-Founder and Executive Director-Solutions at Emmersive InfoTech.

Incorporated in 1994, SEED Infotech is one of the nation’s leading solution providers in Information Technology Training, Staffing and Products & Tools, consulting services to both retail and corporate customers.

With a strong and dedicated team of qualified professionals and over forty training centers across the country with a prime focus on testing and assessment services, SEED has managed to establish strong associations with Global Technology Leaders such as Microsoft, Oracle, RedHat, Salesforce, SAP, HP, to name a few.

“Quality is our top priority at SEED and I believe our association with Emmersive is going to be a highly fruitful one” said Mr. Narendra Barhate CEO & MD, SEED Infotech on their venture with Emmersive.

While the concept of E-Learning has been around for over a decade, it has remained at that designation, a concept, for a better part of this time span. More recently though, this concept took giant strides to classify itself as mainstream. Today, E-Learning is something that lies at the core of numerous business plans and has become a service that most most colleges and universities have on offer.

As we draw into a close on the second decade of this millennium, the nature of the internet has changed drastically, so has the nature of people using it. These changes are breaking ground across entire industries, not just limited to education. In fact education was one field that was lagging when it came to keeping pace with the spectacular growth of the internet as a platform. But it is now beginning to catch up, and quite rapidly at that too, which is why this enterprise by Emmersive and SEED holds interesting and exciting prospects for the future.