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Why gamification in eLearning?

  • By nilesh
  • July 4, 2022

With the advent of elearning into just about every field and organization, there are constant improvements and
revisions made in the methodologies of elearning. Gamification is one such methodology that has off late proved
to be most effective and is successful in engaging and enticing the learners to a great extent.

Gamification is the application of game­ design elements and game principles in non-­game contexts.
Gamification commonly employs game design elements which are used in so called non­-game contexts in attempts to improve user engagement, organizational productivity, flow, learning, employee recruitment and evaluation among others.

All the advantages that the games bring to the player like rewards, engaging and motivating him, helping him
apply the knowledge in real life scenarios are being passed on when gamification techniques are incorporated in
elearning and the learner in turn is more motivated and is most likely to better retain and indulge the concepts

The realms of learning have now achieved greater heights where there are interactive sessions and as is the human tendency to better perform when there is competition along with the constant use of leader board, reward points which in turn also ensure that the feedback to the learner is instant. All these features have reinstated the fact that the use of these techniques in learning and development has been able to pen success stories in organizations. Gone are the days when learning was mundane and one ­sided.

To sum up the advantages of Gamification in eLearning can bring to the table:

Engage and entice the learner: The inquisitiveness of learner is kept alive by making learning
interesting, so it is not repetitive and traditional.
Competition spirit and motivation: It is always very important to inculcate a sense of competition among peers and that’s exactly achieved by rewarding points/badges,having leadership boards that will help elevate the motivational levels to learn.
Socializing and sharing: This concept will strive to have common platform for learning and it will also help the learners to proclaim and announce their progress, which will act as a catalyst for performing better.
Higher rate of knowledge retention: Since the learning happens in a fun way, its observed that the
retention is much longer and learners will actually be able to relate to the concepts better.
Easy communication of status of learning: Like there are levels that are conquered in games, similarly there can be stages/levels in learning which will help in clear and precise communication to learners on where they stand in terms of learning, whats left and what has been completed.
More practical approach: Learning can be more practical with actual examples of the applications of concepts and methodologies.

Having said that it also becomes extremely important that the learner is not distracted and deviated from the core
learning goal and the context, goal of the program is being adhered to at all times. Hence, it becomes extremely
important and necessary to apply these techniques with due thought and proper clarity.

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