The aviation industry is a complex sector with lots of moving parts, special and supporting roles including pilots, mechanics, control tower operators, to airport management, security, and boarding desks. Our forays into this sector have resulted in various employee orientation courses, COVID safety protocol trainings, and airport security drills. Let’s look at a case study of Emmersive’s airport employee orientation and onboarding course.


Narrative-driven Employee Orientation and Onboarding Course


A domestic airport was in need of a comprehensive training course to carry out the process of new hire initiation as smoothly as possible. Their existing training was still in Flash format, and also outdated in terms of the look.


● How to modernize existing legacy training content?

● How to make it easier for employees to cut down on training time and start working as soon as possible?

● How to explain the ins and outs of the working of the airport without leading to learner boredom?


● Designed an interactive 2D illustrated map of the entire airport, allowing learners to zoom in on individual sections of the map to learn more

● Developed a series of self-contained micro-learning nuggets, each describing a different individual task of airport employees

● Enabled learners to search the LMS for these micro nuggets of instructions, as and when they need to find them

● Converted client’s existing Flash courses to the modern HTML format, with enriched visuals


● Reduced Onboarding Inertia: New hires have reported finding it easier to start working

● Convenient Job Aids: Instead of teaching workers what they don’t really need to know, Emmersive made it possible for such workers to find individual nuggets of info that are relevant to their own job descriptions

● Positive Learning Metrics: Emmersive’s post-course assessment and test results revealed that the learners have developed a stronger understanding

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