Many manufacturers face a severe gap between what is available in the labour market and what they actually need. It is anticipated that this gap will increase in the future. In order to fill this gap, the Manufacturing sector is rapidly adopting modern worker training and employee development strategies to teach their workers the skills they need. Emmersive was among the first to realize the amazing potential of Virtual Reality tech in teaching workers how machinery works and how to operate it properly. Let’s look at a quick case study detailing Emmersive’s work with workplace Virtual Reality Training Simulations in this sector.



Virtual Reality-based Machine Operation Training Simulation


An established manufacturer of industrial strength pumps approached Emmersive hoping for a unique solution to bridge their training gap. They were looking for a more efficient way to train their new workers in how to safely operate an industrial pump.


● How to help workers break free from the limitations of Instructor-led Training?
● How to boost the confidence of new hires in learning how to safely deal with complex machinery?
● How to save the time of floor managers who have also been forced to play the role of instructor?
● How to reduce the onboarding inertia of new hires?


● Collaborated with client SMEs to understand the design specifications and inner workings of an industrial pump
● Gathered detailed SOP information from floor managers regarding “How to operate a pump?”
● Designed highly realistic, fully interactive 3D Virtual Model
● Developed a Virtual Reality-driven gamified simulation to teach new workers how a pump is to be operated. Workers can safely interact with the virtual pump and learn the consequences of making mistakes without the risk of damaging any actual machinery
● Developed a 2D animated concept video to explain the inner workings and functioning of the pump


● Affordable Return on Investment: Emmersive delivered a modern training simulation using the latest in experimental learning tech without straining the client’s L&D budget
● Saved Time: New hires can now be thoroughly trained in the SOP without much input from their floor managers
● Efficient Training: New hires have reported a boost in self-confidence and a smoother transition from training to work
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