In the COVID era, Emmersive was among the first to help Pharma firms train their employees in establishing a culture of quality in the lab environment, which proved critical in developing life-saving vaccines and drugs. Compliance in the Pharma sector is of paramount importance. Each employee is required to understand the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) behind each multiple processes. GMP and 21 CFR compliance is related to data integrity and other elements which makes the understanding of these processes mandatory. Besides developing heavily technical compliance training courses, Emmersive has also offered our specialized Pharma LMS to many Pharma firms. Let’s take a quick look at a case study of Emmersive’s work in this sector.



Conversion of SOP Training to Online Training


Upon hearing of Emmersive’s work in developing elearning-based SOP Training for our clients in the Manufacturing and Legal sectors, a leading Pharma facility approached us. After a recent audit, this client had realized the need to radically transform their current format of SOP Training and improve the way SOP's are enforced in their facility.


● How to avoid the costs and inconveniences of traditional Instructor-led SOP Training?

● How to liven up SOP Training, to better engage employees and influence their behaviour?

● Is it possible to check the SOP knowledge of each employee and certify their training?


● Appealed to the target learner demographic (young millennial employees), by developing a storified online SOP Training course, infused with media-rich videos

● Ensured close collaboration between our ID’s, Technical Writers, and client SME’s. This was critical in ensuring 100% accuracy of the curriculum

● Harnessed the power of storytelling, with an interactive twist

● Enabled score-based assessment and certification of employees to evaluate and affirm their SOP knowledge

● Conducted a live photoshoot in the real lab environment, to create a detailed SOP video


● Safety Boost: Reduced rate of reported accidents and mistakes by 40%

● Efficiency Boost: Successful implementation of SOP led to higher quality levels and increased efficiency by 32%

● Cost-Effective: Empowered the client to sidestep the costs of face-to-face training, by enabling self-paced SOP Training

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